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Part of the fun of pampering our beloved pooches is taking them along with us on vacations and while traveling. Locating a luxurious hotel or booking a stay at a five-star suite isn’t necessarily a difficult task, but finding one that checks in pets along with our luggage, but won’t treat them like baggage, is another story.

So here’s a list of some well-known (and others not as recognizable) luxury locations that allow pets to check in with us and also treat them with the kindness, dignity and respect they deserve:

#1 – Beverly Hills, CA – L’Ermitage – Ordering room service is a fairly routine option when staying at a five-star locale, but the L’Ermitage option offers a separate menu designed especially for a pet’s particular palate. With their master’s help, furry friends can choose items from the L’Ermitage signature “Pet Companion Menu,” and order Grilled Filet of Beef with Organic Rice with Brown Gravy or Hard Poached Eggs along with many other menu choices.

If your sidekick is on a special or diet, perhaps they have dietary restrictions or digestive issues, don’t fret. If you call ahead the staff will be happy to supply you with whatever brand or type of food your four-legged friend requires in order to be well accommodated in their resort.

#2 – Cabo San Lucas, MX – Las Ventanas al Paraiso – A Mexican getaway is often exactly what the doctor ordered, and in this case, relaxation and pampering are both part of the prescription for both pets and their owners in this luxury resort located south of the border.

Expectations for this type of scenic, ocean lodging, relaxing on the beach or poolside often comes with a portable cabana, but how about a mini-pet version that’s designed specifically for your animal guest? It doesn’t stop there since the staff will also give your dog a massage or walk on the beach if requested.

#3 – New York, NY – Ritz Carlton – The Ritz has long held a reputation for pampering their guests and catering to their animals is certainly no different. Their signature pampered pet package includes aromatherapy, a bone shaped pillow and dog treats cooked in house at the Ritz. If it happens to be raining during your stay, feel free to borrow one of their Burberry rain jackets.

If your weekend lodging at the Ritz happens to coincide with National Dog Day, additional amenities include a one-hour spa treatment for your pooch, a keepsake pet bowl and custom dog tag. The pet’s master on the other hand will receive a complimentary one-hour massage and welcoming fruit and cheese tray.

#4 – Portland, OR – Hotel Monaco – People of Portland have always have their own particular and often peculiar path, and a stay at the Hotel Monaco is no different. When staying at this eclectic resort, dog owners can book an appointment with the hotel’s resident pet psychic.

Readings are meant to help with behavioral problems and help people bond better with their animal. The sessions are held in the lobby during the complimentary wine hour so both humans and their four-legged friends can mix and mingle with other guests at staying at the Monaco.

#5 – San Francisco, CA – Palomar Hotel – This boutique-like, uniquely styled, Kimpton branch located in downtown San Francisco is popular amongst both business and pleasure seekers alike. Catering to their canine guests, owners are invited to fill out a “Pet Preference” card to ensure their plus one is getting the most pleasurable services available during their stay.

When entering the lobby, guests are regularly greeted by the hotel’s “Director of Pet Relations,” a friendly, well-trained Labrador Retriever named Maverick who is regularly on staff for the reception of check-ins regardless of the number of their legs.

So the next time you’re looking for a relaxing get-away, think about taking your best friend along with you to one of these locations. You’ll both be pampered and get some well-deserved time off.

Guest Post Contribution:  Amber Kingsley

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