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Founded in 2000, Hartman & Rose manufactures and distributes the finest full product line of luxury goods for pets. Our in house designers have created fashion forward styles while offering our high-end line Hartman & Rose Couture, mid-range line Hartman & Rose Signature and our price conscious line the Hartman Collection all priced accordingly for the savvy retail customer. Each artful restraint and lead are bench made with close attention to detail such as hand assembly and whip stitching for enhanced durability.

We offer a full range of packable down dog coats, retractable leads, porcelain pet bowls, grooming kits and we are expanding into a line of natural grooming products for pets. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the finest pet products available. Hartman & Rose is the global supplier for luxury pet products and is recognized as a global luxury brand. All Hartman & Rose leather products are made with pride in Canada.


The corporate objective of Hartman & Rose Luxury Pet is to achieve uncompromised commitment to excellence in both product, service and management. To establish a strong market presence through providing outstanding quality with great value. Our company will assess and evaluate to continually meet our customer’s expectations. We will maximize revenues by appealing to the distinct demands of customers from a broad market. Through a planned expansion program we will strength our national and international presence in the marketplace by targeting key accounts and continue to search our new markets. We will develop new concepts to establish leadership in the pet industry. Hartman & Rose and all of its employees will conduct operations as good corporate citizens, supporting and upholding business ethics and abiding by all laws of the land. And so you have it.

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